Sustainable rainwater management in the V4 countries

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Sustainable rainwater management in the V4 countries

Visegrad Fund


Visegrad Fund

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Coordinator of the project

doc. Ing. Petr Hlavínek, CSc.


The objective of this project is to support and strengthen the cohesion of the four countries in the achieving a sustainable water future in urban areas. Aim is to support proposal of the possibilities of the sustainable rainwater management, strengthen mutual cooperation, exchange of knowledge and cooperation with experts. The goals of the project are to facilitate and promote the development of closer cooperation among V4 countries in the field of sustainable rainwater management.


Project description

The aim of the project is to introduce a water-saving culture in Europe in the context of climate change. The project will focus on increasing water savings in all areas, improving water retention in urban areas also by making changes to land use and management. Urban areas, especially large or densely inhabited ones, raise specific issues with regard to water management. Taking into consideration all mentioned facts we decided to extent research and study to concentrate on a wide range of stormwater and rainwater uses with a particular focus on savings in agriculture, buildings and industrial processes. The purpose of this project is to suggest the simplest, cheapest and most convenient combination of systems which contributes to the sustainable rainwater management. The next aim is focused on increasing quality of life in families through the rainwater reuse. Multidisciplinary cooperation between the technical scientists is built up within this vision. A major innovation arising from the project is the development of new analysis methods and techniques based on urban systems analysis. The project will deliver co-produced knowledge to support sustainable rainwater management in urban areas, enabling communities to achieve a sustainable water future. We will deliver this ambition through research driven innovations in governance, technologies, and novel approaches to integrated water, energy, and infrastructure asset management. The project aims to promote cooperation between the V4 in scientific, research, practical and educational level in the field of the rainwater management. Cooperation aimed at improving transfer of new knowledge and experiences among partner countries and also between scientific knowledge and its practical application.

Project activities

  1. International Conference Sanitary Construction – Landscape and water management, Štrbské Pleso, SK, 19.11.2012-21.11.2012
  2. International Scientific Conference, Miskolc, HU, 28.3.2013-29.3.2013
  3. Conference Urban Water 2013, Velké Bílovice, CZ, 7.10.2013-8.10.2013
  4. International Conference Sanitary Construction – Landscape and water management, Štrbské Pleso, SK, 20.11.2013-22.11.2013
  5. Landscape protection, Brno, CZ, 7.5.2014-9.5.2014
  6. Sustainable Water Workshop, Rzeszow, PL, 10.7.2014-11.7.2014


Outputs from the project will thereby comprise new methodologies and tools for a holistic assessment of urban rainwater systems and the development of future scenarios suitable for stakeholder-based processes, technologies and management options to transit to the desired water futures and adopt appropriate water governance regimes and policies. These outputs are tested on a case basis and experiences.
Expected outputs:

  • Publication containing approaches to urban rainwater management app. 300 pages in English, app. 200 copies
  • Web page.
  • The dissemination of the project through publication of the papers.
  • Cooperation with a wide professional public