Institute of municipal water management

Institute of municipal water management

Institute of Municipal Water Management is expert guarantee focus on municipal water and wastewater management for specialization Water Management and Water Structures (“V”) Brno University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering. The Institute provides training courses in bachelor’s degree program “Construction” and “Civil Engineering” and master’s and doctoral’s degree program “Civil Engineering” that is guaranteed expertise of institute.

Pedagogical specialization academics activeat the Institute supporting areas correspondingactivities of the Institute in the water community(Health Engineering)

  • Water supply – Water treatment and water distribution
  • Sewerage and waste water treatment
  • Infrastructure
  • Balneotechnology and Waste Management

Expert group guarantees education compulsory courses and courses related to the basic specialization courses in the form of specialized elective courses.

Educational activities of academics of the institute is a logical subject of scientific research activities and other professional activities. Academics and other staff of the institute are involved in research activities in the form of grants or international research projects, providing courses for lifelong learning for practice and public administration, organized conferences, implement additional economic activity in the form of services for practice (reports, studies and projects).

Academics are also involved in upgrading the educational system involvement in various projects and operational programs, such as OP Education for Competitiveness. Many academics are members and chairperson to the state final examinations in faculties in Prague and Bratislava and the Commission for granting scientific degrees in our field.